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The Centre for Teaching in Management (CTM) believes that the growth of a nation or individuals only possible when education is a must. The education is not that to have a degree at last but it reminds you always it’s just a beginning, focuses aim and never let opportunities go. CTM creates opportunities for young people and adults, we care the World and its people to see them in better shape.

It is the mission of CTM to produce decision-makers who are strong on three distinct dimensions. Clearly they will be equipped with state–of-the-art skills across the spectrum of management disciplines. Equally as important their “soft” skills will be developed. Formulating a strategic plan, however rigorous, will be of little use if colleagues or clients cannot be convinced of its value. Learning to work in a team can be as important as analyzing large databases in parallel with developing hard and soft skills students will be encouraged outside the box. In rapidly changing environments even well established firms are finding their position being challenged by changes in market conditions, consumer behaviour or to their technological base. Innovation may not just be a key to success but essential to sheer survival.

CTM will produce graduates and post-graduates with skills and attributes that are appropriate for firms across the size range. In the UK, in common with most other countries, ninety per cent of businesses have workforces of ten or less. Increasingly the major business schools are recognizing that much of what they have traditionally taught in, for instance, strategy, marketing, or finance, is simply irrelevant to the needs of small firms. CTM will pay as much as attention to meeting the requirements of owner managers as to those of decision-makers in multi- nationals.

Deciding on which academic institution to apply is a difficult choice. At CTM, you will be taught by faculty whose knowledge- base is informed by their research or professional experience. At CTM you will be given opportunities to interact with the business community, to put into practice some of the skills that you will have honed so assiduously. Above all at CTM you will not be just another anonymous student but someone with individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. CTM faculty will work with you to meet your needs, enhance your strengths and help you to overcome your own particular challenges.

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