Our Vision

Centre for Teaching in Management will focus to be one of the most studentcentred business Centres, and recognized as a source of managers and leaders who can compete successfully in the global business environment, effectively leveraging teamwork and cooperation.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality educational experiences in business concepts and skills, enabling them to meet the challenges of today's complex and changing environment, to compete effectively in the global marketplace, and to make positive contributions in their chosen professions. We believe our unique competitive advantage is our open, collegial atmosphere which fosters a "personal education" experience for our students.

We focus on the development of leaders with the capacity to effectively initiate, implement, and manage change in a dynamic business environment, we seek to promote our students' growth through the attainment of knowledge and the acquisition of necessary skills to develop in each student the capability to think logically and critically, communicate effectively, and appreciate the complexity and diversity of world cultures. Moreover, students graduating from CTM will be well equipped with the technical tools and multi-cultural knowledge needed to capitalize on a wide spectrum of opportunities existing in the global business world.

We provide educational services necessary to support both undergraduate and graduate programmes in a Centre that is highly connected with regional businesses and institutions, one that is recognized for providing cutting edge, relevant educational services. Additionally, the services offered by our Centre expand the intellectual horizon of our students from their normal surroundings to the world. More precisely, we strive to build a Centre that produces outstanding business graduates, capable of building a successful career not only in their own countries but anywhere in the world.

To provide an educational environment where the teaching and preparation of students is top priority; To develop in our students positive attitudes toward quality work, self discipline, personal motivation, ethical behaviour, effective leadership, and teamwork; To serve as a resource for the business community in the areas of consulting, training, and economic development; To maintain a faculty actively involved in their respective professions, who actively produce intellectual contributions on a continuing basis; To model effective organizational performance based on commitment, individual competence, integrity, selfmanagement, and pride.

Our Core Values: