London to Birmingham

For students arriving in the UK for the first time, a meeting with the Centre Representative can be arranged.

This requires the students to give prior information to the overseas students liaison officer in their respective countries.

Before the date of arrival, students should provide / send an email ( to the Centre with the following details/information:

  • Name of the Student;
  • Name of the airport in Britain where arriving;
  • Airline and the Flight Number;
  • Date and time of arrival;
  • Email address of friend or relative and their phone number.
  • If it is a weekday, the students are taken directly to the Centre.

On weekends they will be accompanied to their lodging address in London or the initial accommodation arranged or supported by the Centre if booked well in advance. A nonrefundable pick-up fee of £50.00 will be collected from the arriving students.

It is imperative that students find themselves a place to live before they begin their pursuit of studies.

The Centre advises full-time and international students to help prepare them before enrolment.

If requested, the Centre actively supports in looking out for suitable accommodation near campus for overseas students. Students can opt for lodging in hostels or private sharing rooms with other students or paying guest with a local family.