Rules & Regulations


The Centre undertakes to:
  • 3.1 provide you with the programme;
  • 3.2 The Centre adheres to the standardised regulations as prescribed by the accrediting agencies. The facilities provided at the Centre will be in compliance to these regulatory requirements.
  • 3.3 Issue any requested and appropriate documentation for overseas student regarding visa extension or any other documents requested by Home Office authorities, based on reasonable requests being made in writing and within reasonable time.


You are required to comply with your obligations under these conditions and to:
  • 4.1 Attend lectures, courses tutorials, examinations and other activities, which form part of the Programme;
  • 4.2 Submit course work and other assignments required for the programme;
  • 4.3 Undertake adequate preparation for any activity, which you are required to undertake outside the Centre, at all times conducting yourself in an appropriate manner;
  • 4.4 Provide the Centre with an emergency contact name and details, which may be used by the Centre at its own discretion during times of need;
  • 4.5 Comply with any professional standards, if applicable, in relation to the Programme;
  • 4.6 Behave appropriately whilst on Centre premises;
  • 4.7 Notify the Centre if any of the information, which you have submitted to the Centre changes;


  • 5.1 The tuition fees do not include any of the following:
  • 5.1 (a) fees payable in respect of any residential accommodation, which may be provided to you by the Centre or any third party;
  • 5.2 Enrolment for a course, together with the payment of the required deposit or fee, creates a binding agreement.
  • 5.3 In the event of student withdrawal for whatever reason, the following will apply:
  • 5.3 (a) Where a cancellation is received after the commencement of a course, there will be no refund whatsoever.
  • 5.3 (b) Transfer of fees to another student will be solely at the discretion of the Centre. A minimum £150 transfer fee will be applied.
  • 5.4 If for any reason a course is cancelled, students will be offered an alternative course, or refund of fees.
  • 5.5 If students change their course of study during the term, no refund will be given where the revised course involves fewer subjects.
  • 5.6 If the student applied for a course and he or she used forged, misleading or incomplete documentation, no refund will be issued.